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YOUR REAL FIRST AND LAST NAMES ARE REQUIRED FOR REGISTRATION, PLEASE. Welcome to the forums! The moderators of this forum are: Scott Anderson. We are glad you have joined us. Kindly limit discussion to topics about professional cars, related equipment, coachbuilders, repairs, restoration, events, etc. While it is easy to wander off-topic, our goal is to stay relevant to the purpose of this forum, which is to further the preservation, maintenance and restoration of professional vehicles. We ask that you conduct yourselves in the same manner as you would if addressing a fellow member face-to-face. Foul language, nudity, vulgarity, abusive language, threatening, harassing, or obscene communication will not be tolerated and will result in removal of the post and the individual's posting privileges. The volunteer administrator(s) of this forum are charged with the day-to-day operation of this forum. The administrators reserve the right to delete any message they deem inappropriate or in violation of any law, or community standard.

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