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August 12, 2019 7:25 pm  #1

Introducing myself

Hi, everyone-
My name is Steve. I was a member a while back but life got in the way but I was determined to join again!
I'm blessed to own a 1963 Miller Meteor Duplex I affectionately call Marilyn. She's had a rough life and needs so much work but I'm determined to get her back to shape. She was in pretty good condition apparently when she was purchased from a funeral home in AZ and brought up here. I've connected with the owner who had her after that and generously shared pics. Unfortunately before I got her she was used by a rock band who beat her up, neglected her and left her in a field to rot. I bought her from an artist who got her from an antique shop. The engine was blown and replaced with a Pontiac engine. Heavy sigh. She was missing her under dash cover, hoses and wires hanging out and rust all over. I've since found many parts and even have an original engine and tran to put in one day in the future. To me, she's just gorgeous and I look forward to chatting with you fellow owners and hopefully you won't mind sharing any tips you may have.
Thank you- I look forward to meeting you all!


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