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March 11, 2018 6:23 pm  #1


Hi I'm Maggie Duke

Married to Ronnie Duke
We are fairly new. recently renewed membership. 

My husband has had a love for Hearse as far as he can remember. He bought his first one in 2000. He got back into once we got together and my daughter insisted on him getting another one. I did not drive one at that time but then fell in love with as well. I also love meeting new people but the cars were his thing but now we both own and love.
Previously owns:
66 Cotner Bevington Oldsmobile Combination
87 Eagle Buick

Currently we own
67 Superior Pontiac Combination (mine LOL)
74 Superior Combination Cadillac
92 SS Cadillac
47 Miller Cadillac Combination (project not drive able currently)
94 Eagle Chevy 

we have already met so many great folks and look forward to meeting more.

Maggie & Ronnie Duke


March 12, 2018 8:34 am  #2

Re: Intro

Welcome to the site !

I have known you both for years and have seen you at the last few micro-meets.

Luck has it that the International Meet this year is an hour from your place.

See you there if not before !


Proud PCS Member since 1993 !

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