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September 18, 2018 3:55 pm  #1

Proposal for PCS Name Change and Tagline

Fellow members, as many know - my "platform" for the office of President this year included my assessment that the organization would benefit from a name change and tagline. I have discussed this with President Karsnia and he agreed to endorse my recommendation after I delivered the below draft position paper to him for review. I submit this here (with his approval) for comments and thoughts by other members.

Agenda Item: TBD
Sponsor: TBD
Draft Resolution: To improve branding and differentiate the organization, the name of this organization shall be known as the “Professional Car Historical Society.” Under most circumstances, its name and logo will be displayed with a tagline of “Dedicated to the Preservation of Ambulance, Funeral Car, and Related History.”

Executive Summary:

The Professional Car Society (PCS) is a de facto historical preservation society, as recently affirmed by the President. Multiple organizations with similar titles (but often differing aims) have proliferated since the organization’s founding. In order to effect clear branding and emphasize intent of the organization compared to others, this board paper recommends a name change to the “Professional Car Historical Society” with a tagline of “Dedicated to the Historical Preservation of Ambulance, Funeral Car, and Related History.”


The President of the Professional Car Society (PCS) recently affirmed the Society’s de facto status as a “historical society” in the President’s column in “The Professional Car.” The organization stands for the “preservation, maintenance, and restoration of professional vehicles.” The Society’s membership primarily consists of current and former ambulance and funeral service professionals, leading to the conclusion that the PCS is an industry-based historical preservation society. This function and demographic is unique and places the organization in a significant position of prominence if the organization choses to capitalize on its core intent.

The PCS was the sole national organization relating to professional cars from its inception in 1976 until the 2000s. That time has seen a proliferation of local and national organizations related to professional cars, which may or may not share the ideals of the Society, particularly with regard to historical preservation. The name of the “Professional Car Society” can lead confusion as this title provides little differentiation between the organization and that of others.  The PCS has seen previous controversy regarding its aims and intent in comparison to other groups. Some individuals have expressed displeasure with the organization’s focus on historical preservation, which may be at least partially inspired by the “PCS” name implying a more general focus.


Clear branding is required to differentiate the PCS from other organizations relating to professional cars. To further this goal, the PCS should change its name to the “Professional Car Historical Society” with a tagline of “Dedicated to the Preservation of Ambulance, Funeral Car, and Related History.” This simple change may also serve to decrease controversy and confusion over the intent/mission when it is incorporated into the name of the organization. It is consistent with the strategy of similar organizations such as the Society for the Preservation and Appreciation of Antique Motorized Fire Apparatus in America (SPAAMFAA) which utilizes a tagline of “The Antique Fire Apparatus Club of America.” Potential members, the public, and news media will be clear on the organization’s role as the premiere historical preservation society for these vehicles and the industry. Four options exist for Board discussion, including: a. name change with tagline addition, b. name change only, c. tagline addition only, d. no change. This paper recommends a name change with tagline addition as most beneficial.


Strategy Implications
The current business strategy of the organization has to proceed with status quo in membership recruitment, conferences, and publications. The proposal need not adjust this direction, but may if desired. It is expected that the name change will clarify intent for the organization, and with clear branding may increase membership retention and recruitment.

Financial Implications
The organization will be required to have an artist redraw the logo to include the text. No other costs will be directly incurred or immediately required. The organization’s electronic presence and publications can be updated at no cost. Previously printed documents and banners can be used until consumed or replaced due to wear/tear without harm to the organization. The organization’s bylaws and other legal documents can be updated at the next legally required review.

Risk Analysis
Minimal to no risk is present with this change. There is known to be individuals who do not support the preservationist ideals of the organization and may not appreciate clear branding of same. However, these persons are not typically members of the organization.

Corporate Governance and Compliance
No significant concerns

Management Responsibility
The President shall select an artist to update the organizational logo. Once obtained, he will delegate to the Webmaster to update the website, Facebook page, and Land’s End catalog. The publications committee will update the masthead and related areas of “The Professional Car.”

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September 19, 2018 5:19 am  #2

Re: Proposal for PCS Name Change and Tagline

I agree with the proposed name change and the tag line.  These changes will provide better clarity as we move forward.


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