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October 25, 2018 10:23 pm  #1

Intro ...from New Member in Australia

Hello from Downunder,
I have been interested in, and associated with commercial and "service" type vehicles for a long time now.
Back in the 1990's I spent a lot of time in the USA with Paul Nix and Bob Hedges (for those of you that remember them), dealing, driving, and selling Professional Cars. I was amazed at, and in awe of the fabulous coach-building in the US compared to the relatively boring funeral cars and ambulances we had here in Australia. Some of my favorites thru our hands in the US were a 1939 Henney Packard hearse and a '38 Pontiac hearse, but the loveliest as far as I'm concerned was a white 1965 Pontiac landau hearse (white with black landau top, blue interior and silver curtains). Low miles and drove tight as a drum, an absolute dream .... It came out of Butte Montana, then I drove it from Milwaukee to Los Angeles, then some touring around California  before we eventually unfortunately sold it. But I would LOVE to find that car again!
Anyway, fast-forward 28 years and I have finally acquired something close ... a 1964 Pontiac Superior 48" ambulance.  It will join my other cars in my private museum and hopefully be used quite often. . For the info of members I will list some of my other vehicles below in case there is some mutual interest in any of them.
It is such a pleasure seeing some of the fantastic cars in the PCS on here, and I will certainly get back over there one day to see you all and your cars at an annual meet.


“Service” vehicles:
1964 Superior Pontiac ambulance
1962 Thames Trader “PETERS” ice cream delivery truck
1957 “FE” Holden ...Silver Top taxi
1968 Qantas airport tug tractor
1973 VJ Valiant police car (Victoria Police)
1987 Volvo B10M mk2 bus (in greyhound livery, converted to motorhome)
Other vehicles:
1962 Studebaker Hawk (factory 4 speed)
1930 DeSoto 8 roadster
1936 Auburn (boat-tail speedster replica)
1950 Mk VI Bentley
1968 Rover P5 3.5 V8 4dr coupe
1976 Mecedes 450SL
1949 MG TC
1956 Jaguar D-Type (all aluminium Tempero body)
​2 x Jaguar XJ 40  (gotta have a spare while one's in the shop
1968 BT-23 Brabham by Rennmax 
1964 Ford Falcon “group N” race car
1966 Ford GT-40 (RCR out of Fraser, MI)
1950 Ferguson model TED “Grey Fergie”: tractor
1965? front-engined "rail" Dragster (325ci Poly engine)
1941 Indian motorcycle
1965 BSA Lightning motorcycle
1946 Velocette KSS motorcycle



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