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March 10, 2019 11:01 pm  #1

Latest Coach

I was a past member of PCS, under the screen name bulldoggrl,  but have not been active for a decade.  Several members may remember us as the fire station people.   Our latest coach is a 2002 Meteor out of the Tom Caserta coach works in Piqua, OK.  We were told by the funeral director/owner of Agape Funerals in Lubbock Texas that this may have been the last coach built by Caserta or was his demo/personal vehicle.  It may be one of his Carmelita models. It is a nice lower end coach, gets 22 mpg and will run 100 mph, 4.6 L,  with a ready availability of parts. It had 38K miles on it when we got it from Agape. 

I have been unable to find much information on Caserta Professional Coachworks although Mr. Caserta was well known as a sales representative and designer when he was at the old Miller Meteor facility.  If anybody else has a Meteor, or info, please drop me a note.  The Meteor is our 7th coach.


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