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August 27, 2019 7:44 pm  #1

1963 MM Electrical

Hi everyone,
I have a 63 MM Duplex. The poor girl has been thru heck. She had her engine blown and replaced with a Pontiac, she's been neglected and damaged but she's still going! I have many of the parts to restore her, even an appropriate engine and matching tran that need rebuilding. But I was looking for opinions on wiring. I call it magical-mystical wiring because it's a mystery what will work when. I have donor wiring to use the connectors but I was wondering if having the wiring rebuilt is better or should I look into  the more modern wiring (tho I'm not sure what that entails for the connectors)
If anyone has any thoughts or gone thru rewiring I'd be grateful to hear how you proceeded on your on cars. Thank you!


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